How to Choose the Right Wireless Router

If you are in the market for a wireless router, it is good to know that they’re not all created equal. The wireless router you choose should depend largely on the type of wireless network you plan on having and what you want to accomplish online. It is good to know the basics regarding wireless routers before shopping for one. The following tips should make it easier to choose the right router for your individual situation.

Determine Your Needs

Determining your needs will help you choose the right wireless router. Although most routers essentially work the same, the speed and signal strength can vary from one model to the next. One thing you will need to determine is the type of wireless network you plan on creating. Another thing to determine is the type of activity that will be taking place online.

If you are an average user who wants to create a home wireless network for simple internet tasks, a basic single-band router should suit your needs just fine. But, if you are a user who is planning on setting up a larger home network or a network for your small business, you will need a more advanced router. Also, users who want or need the ability to stream high-definition video or download and transfer large files will need a router with advanced capabilities. The same goes for people who play fast-paced games online.

Shop Around

After you determine your needs, you will need to begin shopping for your wireless router. You will notice that there are single-band routers and dual-band routers. This has to do with the type of activity that will be taking place online. Single-band routers are best for basic wireless networks, while dual-band routers are best for larger networks or users that will be streaming files or playing games.

Another thing you should pay attention to while shopping around is security features. Most routers come with some type of firewall or encryption already in place. Security is an important part of any wireless network, so finding a router with advanced security features is a plus.

A good way to find out which wireless routers are most reliable is to ask around, whether it is through friends or the salespeople at the store. Popular routers became that way for good reason, and what works for the majority of people will most likely work for you too. You will find that the most popular routers perform well and are easy to set up. Cost is of course a factor as well.

You want a wireless router that is reliable but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately there are many quality routers that are reasonably priced. It is good to remember that just because a router is expensive, doesn’t mean it will work better than others. Expensive routers have more features, but their performance is not always satisfactory.

The bottom line when choosing the right wireless router is finding one that suits your individual needs and stays reliable. After purchasing a router, make sure to keep your receipt and register your product. It is especially important to keep your receipt in case your router does not work well for you. Most stores will be glad to help you find a replacement.

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