How to Keep Your iPhone 5 in Good Condition

iphone protectionHow to Keep Your iPhone 5 in Good Condition

Keep your iPhone 5 in good states you get the full value of the sale, and thus ability to change your phone with a better one for a lower price. This also helps extend the life of your machine and improve its profit. Here we have some simple guidelines to keep your iPhone 5 “like new” for life.

iPhone 5 covers

When choosing a covers find thousands of choices. First, find one you like in appearance. Then see what kind of covers you choose. The iphone 5 covers have many colors and sizes: bags, skins, shells, stickers, etc… Make your decision based on how you treated your cellular above. If you drop the mobile often more protective covers would be the best option. People who take their phone into a wallet, purse or backpack, were to choose a frame that protects the device by all parties. Those who carry the device in your pocket be served a crash protection or leather cover. Remember that when selling the device not only check the internal state, but also that this is not the outside scratches and bumps.

Screen Protector

The detriments on the screen also greatly reduce the value of your iPhone 5 when you sell it. Therefore, protecting the screen is always a wise why you should always have a screen saver. To protect your screen there are two good these products are good for protecting your screen. The first is a protective sheet option shield, which protects all movable faces, including the screen. The second option is to combine a single screen saver with a housing choice for however it is much better to have double protection and combine rolling screen and frame. These types of screen savers can buy regularly on eBay or Amazon for a reasonable price cheaper. I urge you to change the screen saver every 2 or 3 months.

Cleaning Kit

About once a month you should thoroughly clean your iPhone. Remember that mobile phones are more likely to be carriers of bacteria compared with other electronic devices. Always turn off your device before following the cleaning steps that you indicate below:

• Use a microfiber cleaning cloth and cleaning solution for electronic devices and clean well the phone. Apply the spray on the rag, never directly on the device.

• Use a can of compressed air for use in electronic devices. And clean well every port of your device. Apply to the headphone jack, the connector port and the SIM card slot.

• Put back the screen saver, the housing and turn the phone back. This is always a good time to make a backup of your phone in iTunes. We recommend doing this backup plus cleaning once a month.

Remember that the most important thing to keep your phone in good condition is the care you give yourself. Do not forget that you can sell used mobile as new and thus get more money to buy another phone better more modern. Just be careful with your iPhone 5 and have the greatest possible care. We also recommend that you buy a warranty if you are prone to accidents. The care and maintenance, along with the right accessories, will extend the life and value of your iPhone.



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