High Tech Processor In HTC EVO 4G 3D


HTC Evo 3D Price provides the Android 2. 3 (Gingerbread) main system that will offer most that Android lovers desire into their phone. HTC has made an excellent move with this. It ships with 1GB of RAM.

It uses a small USB port, it has two 5 mega pixel cameras. The 1. 2 GHZ dual-core Snapdragon processor is astonishing. It zooms along together with any netbook on the market. Then there is the 3D that will amaze you. The display is 540 by 960 QHD. It is a perfect size for the 3D effects. As you scroll throughout the panels, it feels like a new carousel. It is full of everything that Android lovers want upon their phones. Widgets can be set and moved to fit your personal needs. The 3D photos are one thing that you will love about this cellular phone. It offers 1080 p 2D online video media or 720 p Stereoscopic at the same time. It is amazing. It has another camera for the front of the phone in addition.

Aside from the phone’s special capabilities, it also comes using powerful hardware under this hood. Similar to the Feeling, the HTC EVO 4G 3D gives you a 1. 2 GHz dual-core brand Qualcomm MSM8660 chipset. This will allow that you enjoy more from lightning-fast operation. Prepare to multi-task plus run apps like in no way before. Currently, there are only two other handsets offering this power. These are the Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Samsung has also not long ago released its new flagship mobile phone, the Galaxy S2. Already proving popular, it is the follow-up through the wildly successful Samsung Universe S. The spec list, as you can imagine, has been greatly better though. It offers many on the same features as this HTC 3D EVO, but lack the animations technology.

One of the most significant selling points of smartphones one the market is its processor. In fact, this is probably one of the biggest breakthroughs in mobile phone technology now. Those that are built-in with dual-core processors are definitely favored by consumers. This is so because phones with equipped with dual-core processors provides better performance as well as other benefits such as superb multi-tasking capability. Now, both smartphones may also provide dual-core processors. However, the HTC EVO 3D is more advanced than the LG Optimus 3D when it comes to this. With a 1. 2 Gigahertz dual-core one EVO 3D definitely crushes your competitors into smithereens with regards to power and capability. The dual-core processor of LG Optimus 3D is merely 1GHz so be your judge.