Five Ways to Improve your ‘Online Existence’ in 2013

SEO in 2013Improve your ‘Online Existence’ in 2013

Social Media has completely changed the way we communicate and conduct business. Your ‘online existence’ can potentially make or break you in today’s fast passed, computer savvy, highly competitive world. In order to stay afloat, it’s necessary to consider many options in order to thrive online. No matter how large or small your business, understanding the following five social networking trends can keep you up to date, adding to your success in the New Year.

What’s Trending

  • ·Many small companies are realizing the advantages of social networking as a tool. The question is no longer about the meaning of the term; rather the question is how your business can utilize social media to increase profit.  Small businesses are recognizing the need for Search Engine Optimization by acknowledging that content, SEO, and social media are closely linked, with good content a powerful driving force.


  • ·You-tube Video and photographs play a major role in creating an interesting and exciting platform for online customers. In addition to changing the ‘Timeline’, Facebook is adding many exciting features conducive to advertising and interacting with the public. Instagram provides for online visual images that entice and attract viewers. Mobile photo editing has seventeen special filters that have revolutionized the system. Specially selected filters give photos a highly polished and professional appearance, great for photo sharing, adding to innovative mobile trends.


  • ·Social media is now more highly integrated than ever. Clients from around the world can become connected through LinkedIn and Twitter. Twitter is keeping up with the changing times by fine-tuning their data targeting procedures. Blogs and websites have opened doors never before heard of. Information is available to customers around the world in almost any language imaginable. Easy to search and access, task are readily completed right at your fingertips!


  • ·Google+Local and Google+ have brought over half a million users up to date with advanced technological features. Other mobile features such as Foursquare and Cinemagram help to target and arouse potential customers.


  • ·Self-payment apps can be used to fascilitate sales transactions; options such as PayPal Here, GoPayments, and Square are all making old payment options obsolete.

There are more ways to improve your ‘Online Existence’ in 2013 than can be listed in this article. Social networking is snowballing into limitless possibilities. We’re surrounded by Social Media so why not use it to the max and build your potential in the coming year? Develop your resources; add to your skills and repertoire, and make social media work for your company, no matter how large or small. Get connected and stay connected in 2013, and watch your company soar to heights you’ve never before dreamed possible!


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Adam Robbins is a blogger and journalist whose passion is anything to do with the online world. He spends his spare time gaming, reading tech blogs and playing casino games at intertops.



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