Instagram vs Twitter – Where Should You Invest Your Time In Building a Fanbase?

Instagram vs Twitter

Instagram vs Twitter Instagram vs Twitter

Okay, let’s get a few things out of the way. Social media is an absolute necessity. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think teenagers misuse it and are simply not utilizing any type of comprehensible dialect on them, they are important. In this day and age, only Google can say it’s larger than social networking platforms. They have become where we obtain our news, keep in touch with friends and gather a lot of the advice we need in order to buy products online. The problem is, there are plenty of them. Facebook is even now the King, though there is a huge competition between them and Twitter. Then there is Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and not to forget our old time favorite, YouTube.

Each platform has its own immense qualities and the time people spend on them is completely worth it. But when we’re talking about business then you’ll need to decide which one of them will achieve monetarily viable fan base that would help you win more target customers. And therefore, today we ask the question, Instagram vs Twitter – where should you invest your time in building a fan base?

Instagram vs Twitter

These two social websites platforms have gained a huge fan base for a short time and have grown in popularity which made them among the biggest internet giants in their own rights. With regards to business, one of them must be better even in only a few aspects. We’ve decided to help you choose which one is better, thanks to some statistics. Of course, what we can do is just give you an advice, the overall decision is in your hands.

Statistics of Instagram

With the popularization of the iOS app, now you can have Instagram both as web along with Android version. Instagram is on full steam ahead and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The infusion of Facebook’s pocketbook motivated the founders of Instagram to make it even larger. Much like YouTube where videos are shared daily, Instagram lets you share both pictures and videos along with the rest of the world.

Here are some data to let you in on just how big Instagram is.

  • Launched in October 2010, Instagram presently has between 100 – 150 million active monthly visitors.
  • The quantity of traffic that goes through Instagram daily is roughly, 7.3 million people.
  • So far, the amount of pictures that have been shared on Instagram is a staggering Sixteen Billion and it gets 40 million photos posted daily by users.

Now, to offer you an idea of just how much activity the website gets:

  • Volume of likes every second – 8500
  • Additionally, each second the users of Instagram make A thousand coments
  • Per month every user spends about 257 min’s on Instagram.
  • Another interesting statement is that the biggest Instagram user is between 18-29 year olds
  • The information show that women use Instagram more often than men, also.

There may be a slight variation in these numbers as they’re all gathered not just from company reports but from other sources, too. Even though these information describes how large Instagram has become for a actually short time. And now that it has been acquired by Facebook, it is only going to get bigger and better.

Twitter vs Instagram

Statistics of Twitter

Everybody has learned about Twitter. And as the biggest competitor of Facebook, it deserves our great attention. Arguably second to only Facebook as far as social websites platforms go, Twitter has, over its several years of existence, transformed itself into an unstoppable force of connectivity. It’s being used by thousands of companies around the world, government offices, high profile people or just usual individuals in their everyday life. Well, Twitter is not a source for lots of information today but it’s the best place where you can share your thoughts, opinions, product feedback, photos or everything else. Here are some data to show you just how big this platform is.


  • Number of registered users – 554,750,000
  • Everyday there are about 135,000 that register
  • The normal quantity of tweets every day – Fifty-eight million
  • Amount of doubts about Twitter on various search engines every day – 2.1 billion
  • Twitter has about 190 million unique visitors each month
  • And the amount of its active users monthly is 115 millions
  • About 40% of the people simply watch others tweets
  • The amazing fact is that the amount of tweets each second is 9,100


Now considering these numbers you could make a parallel comparison for the usage of the two platforms. According to mathematicians, the numbers tell the whole truth. Based on this data, Twitter stays at the top of the chart. But that is only at the moment. In fact, Instagram is definitely a young platform and doesn’t have the experience of Twitter yet. Anyway, the most challenging times are coming for Facebook who’ll have to improve its performance to carry on reigning as the King of the social networks. So the big question remains, Instagram vs Twitter – where when you invest your time in building a fan base?

The Conclusion

The answer can be both. To run a successful marketing strategy you should use each of them. In fact, if you browse them more carefully, you’ll know how diverse are those two social media sites and what a unique value has each of them. Where Instagram is a purely visually driven site, Twitter involves smart wordplay. With Instagram, you can post images and videos linked to your business and we all know that people love videos and pictures as a message medium. With the ever fleeting attention spans it has something which can help your company grow.

In fact, Twitter now shows bigger numbers and people tweet more often than upload pictures or videos on Instagram. Twitter has 2.1 billion searches everyday on Google and 58 million tweets daily, so you must pay more focus on a platform like this. With 190 million unique visitors monthly and a little more than half a billion registered users, you need to take what is said about you on Twitter seriously. While browsing this social media, you’re already doing a great marketing research for your company. So, the decision that you need both platforms for the marketing campaigns remains. Use them as a complement to one another and you will undoubtedly achieve your desired market target.

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