Internet Marketing and Traditional Marketing

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing has some things in common with traditional marketing, but many people who are not familiar with the web may find themselves confused about exactly to approach Internet marketing.

Getting marketing in general to work for your business is something that really requires focus, knowledge, and a little bit of experience. The differences between traditional marketing and Internet marketing sometimes push people over the edge.

When you market using traditional media like radio, television, or newspaper, you speak directly to consumers. These media are designed to target a particular audience using programming that appeals to a certain demographic. In a traditional marketing format, it’s up to you to create an ad (or hire someone to create an add) that describes your products and services to the ready-made target audience provided by the radio station, television station, or newspaper.

Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing
Internet Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing


Internet marketing, however, differs somewhat. Advertising via the Internet requires you to think about how to get your target market to your web site and/or your products and services. Though there are people surfing the web looking for your products and services all day, every day, it isn’t necessarily easy to direct them toward your web site. You have figure out how to use marketing strategies to get your target market to your web site to begin with. At the same time (and often using the same written content) you have to try to sell to to your target market.

Writing content that appeals to your target audience and that motivates them to want to purchase your products or services may be old hat to you if you’re familiar with traditional forms of marketing, but on the Internet you’ll need to learn about search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to have any kind of success online.

SEO and SEM can help bring potential buyers to your web site where you can bedazzle them with your products and services. But you’ll have to combine your efforts such that you are selling to your customers while you are selling to the search engines at the same time. This is one of the biggest ways in which Internet marketing and traditional marketing differ substantially.

If you’re totally confused about Internet marketing, hire someone to work with you on SEO and SEM and you just focus on putting your web site out there with potential customers in mind. Otherwise, take some time to learn about the basics of how search engines will rate the content of your web site and begin the process of creating content that appeals to both search engines and your customers.

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