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iphone casesFacts About iPhone Cases

Whilst some brave individuals are leading the campaign to keep their iPhone ‘naked’ and without cases, this is not the most popular opinion. The iPhone is a beautifully engineered device, lovely to look at and to hold, but it is also very expensive and something upon which the vast majority of people are reliant for both business and social purposes. Protecting something so essential is only logical. After all, should the worst happen and the beloved iPhone suffer irreparable damage, the first question will always be “why didn’t it have a case?”


The iPhone 4 and 4S are beautiful at least in part because they are made of glass, both front and black. Even toughened ‘Gorilla glass’ is not going to resist damage from being dropped or trampled by the children. Glass is an inherently weak material, and although the glass used to make iPhone components is stronger than normal, it will not resist forever and will show scratches and damage within weeks if unprotected.

Cases are the most straightforward way of preventing this from happening. Even people who claim to never have dropped their phone in their lives can’t guarantee that it will never happen to them. To leave the phone uncovered is a substantial risk. The back of the iPhone 5 may be made of anodised aluminium but this is still incredibly susceptible to damage from scratching and whilst it looks perfect at first, those marks soon contribute to the overall denigration of its appearance.


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It is true that the iPhone is designed to be a sleek, smooth and stunning piece of technology. This is the major argument for choosing not to use a case, which were formerly bulky items with little aesthetic appeal. With the enormous selection of case and protective sleeves available on the internet now, there are really no excuses.

Cases are cheaper than they have ever been, with sports team colours, unusual designs and branded characters all featuring on durable, shock resistant cases which will look good whilst protecting the valuable device. Diamante features, lace effects, even fur textures and animal shapes are all popular and available readily on the internet from a huge number of sources. Having different iPhone cases is also an assertion of individuality, putting one’s unique stamp on a mobile phone which hundreds of thousands of other people also possess. With cases, the possibilities are as individual as the iPhone’s owners.


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