Logitech Webcam C500

Logitech Webcam C500

If you remember back on the old days, webcams are owned by only a bunch of people, although a free web cams are available right now. They were only owned by genuine computer geeks and people who want to have the newest technologies even if they did not have a entire lot of need for it.

As they go along, webcams are currently becoming normal accessories for those of you who makes use of a personal computer. They’re a great way to remain in touch with folks over the world wide web, record videos for sharing online and even house surveillance. Possibly you’re trying to get one for your self but do not know which to get. Let us look at the Logitech Webcam C500.

Why choose this particular webcam? It’s pretty simple, the device is quite easy to use. It comes with computer software but will also operate via plug and play. Installation is a breeze. The 6 foot USB cable which is included should be plenty for most users.

Positioning of this webcam is versatile. The clip will fit any laptop also as desktop. This clip can be expandable to offer different angles and viewpoints. Additionally to mounting with the clip, the cam works nicely whilst sitting on a desk.

The camera works nicely with the majority of the instant messaging programs and video chat. The picture, using glass optics, quality is pretty impressive even though if you would like a cam for making top quality video projects, you might need to get a greater quality device. It’s much more than adequate for simply keeping in touch with family members and friends.

There’s no auto focus with this model however it does feature a face tracker. This indicates that it is going to follow your face as you move around. Also, if you step closer or further from the camera, a zoom feature will be certain to keep up with you. It does adjust for poor lighting but not as well as other models which are accessible. You can also do some really fine tuning of brightness, color intensity and so on. The default settings are in line with what most users would wish.

As for audio, this webcam has a built in microphone with echo and noise reduction. Users will discover that the microphone is very sensitive and will pick up even a slight whisper.

You can find a couple of neat features with this cam for fun also as function. For function there’s a privacy setting that lets you post up a still photo for times when you wish to be heard but not seen. For fun, you will find little avatars along with other points you are able to use to play with and decorate or distort your picture. For these you’ll have to install the software program.

Overall, the high quality of images, video and sound are excellent. As mentioned earlier, if what you are looking for is to create high quality projects, you might wish to spend a couple of extra bucks and get something with much more pixels.

The pixel count with the Logitech Webcam C500 five MP for photos and 1.3 MP 1280 x 1024 pixels for video. So, for simple private use, this camera really should meet your needs.