Tips to Protect Your MacBook

MacBook Protection 

Your MacBook is Important. Your MacBook was most likely an investment. Not inexpensive, your MacBook would also be quite costly to lose in other ways. We use our computers to store massive amounts of information, data, and personal treasures, like music, movies, pictures and more.

It could be devastating if something happened to your MacBook, as even though the laptop itself could be replaced at a cost, it is probably highly likely that a percentage of what you have stored on the system could quite well be irreplaceable.

It is important to keep your investment and memories safe, and this means you need to keep your MacBook secure.

There are a lot of steps you can take to protect your MacBook, and here are three helpful tips to protect your MacBook.

1. Carry with care

When you transport your MacBook, you need to be sure that it is protected. If you carry your MacBook in a briefcase, backpack or other bag, you should take care to remove paper clips, coins, staples, or anything else small that could end up getting inside your MacBook through an opening or port.

You should consider putting your MacBook in a sleeve or other case before putting it in your bag as extra protection from small objects and as an extra layer of padding.

2. Lock it up

Get a Kensington Lock. This device connects your laptop with a steel cable loop to a piece of furniture or other object that is hard to move. Use you MacBook’s K-Slot to connect the lock. This is a great deterrent for would-be thieves, as it is quite suspicious and time-consuming to break out a lock picking kit in a library or coffee shop; it is much easier to just pick up an unsecured laptop and walk away.

Macbook Protection
MacBook Care and Protection

3. Keep your MacBook healthy

Despite what some claim, viruses and malware for Macs do exist. This is why security software and your Mac’s features need to be activated.
Anti-Virus for your MacBook.

Products like MacKeeper and Norton can help keep your MacBook safe. Not only will these protect against viruses made for Macs, these products will help you from passing on viruses to PC users from your MacBook. These products also protect you from phishing attacks, fraudulent websites, and identity theft – things all computer users could fall victim to.

Help OS X help you

OS X has tons of built-in security features, and all you have to do to take advantage of them is enable them. Be sure to disable automatic login and password protect your system. You should also make sure that you use the OS X firewall (if you don’t already have one enabled through security software).

You should also consider using FileVault to help keep your data safe, even if your MacBook has already been stolen.

Your MacBook is a great piece of technology, and it should be treated with the utmost care. By taking the above listed steps to protect your MacBook, you are helping to protect your investment. Macs are noted for their longevity, so keep yours safe, secure and well-functioning for years to come by following these tips to protect your MacBook.

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