Benefits of Media Training

Media Training

Media Training can be the difference between a good or bad reputation. When faced with a situation in which you have to communicate a key message to the audience- it is important not to get it wrong.

A media trained communicator has the skills to confront journalists confidently and concisely. Media training also offers invaluable benefits for both the trainee and their business:

Knowledge: It gives a wealth of knowledge on how to communicate and respond in different situations. An understanding of the media is also developed.  This is particularly helpful when faced with an unexpected crisis, ensuring that you have the appropriate skills and knowledge to confront any situation. It can take years to establish a positive reputation and seconds to destroy it – so skills such as these are vital.

Team Morale: Media training can be a group exercise, enabling employees to work together. A team building exercise will increase trust and respect amongst those who take part.

Reputation: Media training can benefit the reputation of in house media relations, enabling employees to understand how the media works and the best way to communicate. Slow responses are a great frustration to journalists, learning how to respond efficiently is very beneficial

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Confidence: Practice makes perfect – individual confidence is enhanced through the media training process. A live question and answer practice on camera reduces fear and encourages humbleness. This increases confidence in communicating key messages as well as increasing media literacy.

Impressions: Ensures that the media and audience impression of you and our business is positive. This is achievable through media training as it teaches how to stay calm, controlled and credible. This will help deal with tough or aggressive questioning with ease.

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