Four Minor Irritations about the iPhone 4S


Iphone4sFour Minor Irritations about the iPhone 4S

There are a thousand reasons to love the iPhone4S, ranging from fast, and instant web access to a nifty camera which is available in a split second. Having said that, life isn’t all champagne and caviar in iPhone-world for many users, because there are a few minor irritations that, try as they might, they can’t seem to stop themselves fretting about. It may be churlish to criticise a gadget that has taken the world by storm in recent years, but nothing is ever going to be perfect, of course.

Here are four reasons not to love completely the cellphone.

No zoom on the video camera

The fact that the video camera doesn’t have a zoom function is annoying because it seems such a basic feature. While it’s true that there are plenty of video zoom apps available, it seems strange that such a cutting edge brand like Apple would have decided not to include one as standard. Zoom apps are inexpensive, but you have to ask why we should have to pay any extra when the phone itself costs a small fortune in the first place.

Iphone 4S Irratations
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The screen dims without warning

This is an issue that has been discussed many times by iPhone users, and there appears to be several possible reasons for it. The definitive answer isn’t clear, but one thing is certain: it’s exceptionally frustrating. One minute the screen is working perfectly, and without any problem, then suddenly users are no longer able to see the screen at all. If it happens in broad daylight – and it usually does – it can be almost impossible to see clearly enough to reset the brightness to the required level.

Unable to use ITunes songs as ringtones

There may be some highly complex way of turning an iTunes song into a ringtone, but as most users don’t have a master’s degree in brain surgery we have to make do with the standard Apple offerings. It seems odd that a phone that costs many hundreds of dollars is unable to perform a simple function that any old obsolete Nokia did with ease, but there is little that can be done about it.

Battery capacity

This is perhaps the worst aspect of iPhone 4S ownership, and it’s one that has upset millions of users. On average, this wonderful gadget (and it really is wonderful) needs to be charged up every single day, and this is an issue that Apple really needs to get a grip on. If you’re out for a whole day and you have no access to a charger, you have to be extremely careful about how and when you use your phone.


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