Network Connection Failed Error on XBOX Live: How to Fix it?

Network Error on XBOX Live

It is undeniable that many people, especially the young ones are addicted to online games. One of the trending online gaming console is the XBOX Live. Everybody, or at least those online gamers know the Microsoft’s XBOX Live.

When you launch the Test Xbox LIVE Connection and a red “X” appears between the Xbox 360 and Network icons, the Network connection phase has failed.

In addition to the red “X,” the Test Status message also displays “Network: Failed.”

How to Fix Network Connection Failed Error on XBOX Live?

This test status message identifies four types of possible errors:

•  XBOX Live Cannot Can’t detect network hardware.

• Can’t detect wireless hardware.

• Can’t obtain an IP address.

• Can’t connect to the network hardware using a static IP address.

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Causes of the Network Failed Issue

When the test fails at the network phase, these are the underlying causes:

  • A physical connection between the components is not working.
  • A wireless connection is not configured correctly
  • The Xbox 360 is not receiving an IP address from the router or modem.
  • The ISP doesn’t receive or recognize the customer’s MAC or PPPoE settings.


Solutions to the Network Failed Issues

There are three basic troubleshooting steps that you perform with nearly every connectivity call that you receive.

These include the following:

• Power-cycling.

• Reset to factory defaults. If using wireless, reconfigure console to connect back to the wireless network.

• Run the Test Xbox LIVE Connection tool.

These are the basic network troubleshooting steps or methods that might be useful in fixing the connection failed error on XBOX Live; however, if none of these steps work out for you, then, it is better to check it out with Microsoft Support. If your issue is under their support, definitely they can help you solve your problem with it. Unfortunately, fake or pirated XBOX Live game consoles are not supported by them. So, you better fix it yourself or search for guides on fixing it.

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