Zyxel’s Portable Travel Router

A mobile travel router turns a wireless broadband connection into a wifi hotspot can be very useful for those people who travel with business partners or companions or business groups.

The MiFI devices of Novatel Wireless are the best examples of it. However, such MiFi devices only support the mobile carrier that sells it.

Zyxel’s MWR211 Portable Router costs around $85.00 conquers this limitation. It allows almost any carrier’s USB broadband modem into a Wi-Fi hotspot!
This cool portable travel router device supports 802.11n Wi-Fi; however, its capacity is only up to 2.4GHz band. This portable router device supports protected wifi or wireless network set up. Zyxel’s information links to a web page on the website of the company. Such website reveals which USB modems are supported.

In addition to this, your USB modem must be activated before using it with this travel router device. In contrary, the battery performance of this travel router is not satisfactory. You might need to keep charging it whenever it is necessary. Overall, it is a great gadget for travellers!

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