Experience Security and Convenience Through Home Automation

home automation security system

home automation security systemExperience Security and Convenience Through Home Automation

Keeping your home safe is not always an easy task, but it is a task that you need to make a priority. Home invasions occur all over the world, on a daily basis, which is why securing the home with a security system is your best option. There are various methods you can use for home security, and a monitoring service is one of those methods. A more modern method used for securing your property is home automation. Both methods have proven to be effective, but for the convenience and extra benefits, more and more people are upgrading to home automation.

 Security Monitoring Services

With home security monitoring services, a company has staff that monitors your home 24 hours a day. These trained representatives alert you – and the authorities – when someone is breaking into your home. A plus about security monitoring services is that your representative may lose connection at his location, but another location will immediately take over and continue to monitor your home. You have eyes and ears monitoring your home not only for break-ins, but for critical conditions such as fires and carbon monoxide.

 Home Automation

Security monitoring services are already exceptional, but thanks to home automation, this security method is even better. Home automation allows you to monitor your own home, regardless of where you are. You can access your security system with your cell-phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

If you leave home and realize you did not set your alarm, no need to worry. With home automation, you can arm the alarm without going back to your home. All you need to do is access the security system from your phone, or any other web-enabled device. You can also disarm your alarm while you are away from the home. With a pulse door lock, you can also lock and unlock your doors with the click of a button.

Benefits of Home Automation

Home automation does more than protect your home, which is why security service providers are moving toward this method. You can control household activity within your home, such as the lighting. If you want to turn a light off, you can do so from a web-enabled device. You can also:


  • Control your heating and air conditioning systems
  • Lock security gates to your home
  • Control your appliance activity
  • Close and open your curtains or blinds
  • Communicate through an intercom device


Home automation is a breakthrough in security that can prevent those crucial conditions from occurring. If your furnace needs to be cleaned, you will receive a text or email alert. When a fire is being detected, all of your lights will blink on and off inside of the home, informing you that there is an emergency. Home automation sensors help you reduce wasted energy inside of your home. When your appliances are not being used, the sensors will shut those appliances off. If you have lights turned on in your home, but no one is occupying those rooms, the sensors will turn those lights off.

Upgrading to home automation does not mean you lose any of your security monitoring services. Your home will still be monitored by a professional 24 hours a day. You can monitor the activity inside of your home, from anywhere you are. If you want to check on your children, you can do so through live video. Home automation gives you convenience and security all-in-one.


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