SEO – Why Style Matters Now More Than Ever

SEO – Why Style Matters?

Content marketing for SEO seems to be all the rage these days. Look at just about any blog (whether related to internet marketing or not) and you will find a post related to content marketing.

One peculiar thing I’ve noticed with recent content marketing advice has been the focus on content topic over content style. Everyone is very concerned with getting the right topic to the right audience, choosing the right niche topic that isn’t yet dried out, and making sure content is unique, useful, and valuable.

The Problem With Focusing Only on Content Topics

With all the emphasis on topics, you would think that the web has only been around for a couple of years. While I do realize that there are plenty of unturned stones on the internet, I believe that the biggest opportunities for unique and original content on the internet falls to tightly programmed web applications and services. And haven’t you ever heard the phrase, “some stones are better left unturned?”

The truth of the matter is, most things that you can say on the internet have already been said. Of course, there are some content topics that may be on their way up, and finding and marketing these content topics can prove to be extremely valuable and lucrative. However, the opportunities of web marketing that I think have been really unchecked all involve experimentation of style.

Style: The Untapped Resource of the Internet

Because everyone has spent the last couple decades spewing any half-hazard ideas, thoughts, concepts, and projects on the internet, there are a few unimaginative, boring content resources out there. Not only are some of them painfully plain and ordinary, many are also riddled with mistakes and inaccuracies. These are topics and concepts just waiting to be trumped!

Very few marketers ever ask themselves, “What styles of language and communication haven’t I seen on the internet?” I would even argue that many content marketers don’t have a very good idea what verbal style is. Whenever I look at a bunch of blogs with similar topics, I am not surprised when they are covering the same news; I am surprised how all of their wordings and phrasing sound the same.

Content Marketing for SEO
Content Marketing for SEO

People need to start realizing that one of the best ways to nose ahead of your competitors is to communicate in a different, more engaging manner. Perhaps you could add in some humor, an anecdotal tidbit, or even a couple of words you coined yourself. Consider the success of hipster runoff.

On the surface, this is just another music blog; there are thousands like it. But this one stands out considerably due to its unique language and sense of humor. It also used something far too few blogs at the time were even attempting: irony.

Style and Tone Are the Future of Web Marketing

Since Google’s Panda update to their search algorithm, they have made it evident to the public that the future of search engine optimization will include utilizing higher, less generic-sounding content. One of the easiest and most effective ways to improve content is to sharpen the style and tone. Of course, if you are working with nothing, you will run into issues. But provided you are using topics that people have interests in, the next best step is for you to strategize how to present your topics in a way that people will find interesting and unique.


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