Taking a Closer Look at the Rampaging Smartphones and Tablets

smart phones

smart phonesRampaging Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphones and Tablets nowadays, have been the apple of the eyes of the vast majority of us. Due to the tremendous technological advancement in the market, a lot of people get so extremely hungry and thirsty of these fascinating and highly sophisticated gadgets and devices. As a matter of fact, almost all of us would really include these high-end technological products in our must-have list. Thus, it is safe to say that these devices, indeed, has captured a lot of people’s attention, be it the kids or the grown-ups.

However, the information about these technological products, though readily available on the internet, seemed so hard to understand. There are technical terminologies used that an ordinary person cannot easily decipher without delving more to it. To address this predicament, simplified explanations should be given so as to help consumers know more the nature and features of the technological gadgets and devices that are sold in the market. This way, they will be able to choose the right device or gadget that suit their needs and interests.


Smart phones are the newly innovated cell phones that are flooding in the market. This revolutionary development of cell phones has combined the primary use of the phones, which is making calls and sending text messages for communication purposes, and the impressive abilities of the computer such as establishing connection to the internet at higher speeds, sending electronic mails, and downloading various applications and games that are compatible to Mobile Operating System used by the Smartphone.

The Mobile Operating System serves as the backbone of these smart phones. Thus, we can say that Mobile OS made these phones smarter as compared to the ordinary Feature Phones. Examples of Mobile Operating Systems that are used by mobile providers these days are the Apple’s iPhoneiOS, BlackBerry’s BlackBerryOS, Google’sAndroidOS, HP’s webOS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

The words Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, and other OS then define the unique features, aside from its exterior design and structure, of one particular brand of Smartphone as compared to other smart phones sold in the market. What makes smart phones better than Tablets is it is portable and easy to handle.


Tablets are computers built with touch screens which means that majority of its operations can be accomplished through touching rather than using an external keyboard and mouse. Originally, tablet computers were ran by modified Operating System of Personal Computers such as Windows and Linux.

That time, these traditional Tablet PCs are operated using Stylus and Digital Pens. After Tablet PCs’ emergence though, Tablet computers already utilized the mobile operating system. Because of this mobile operating system, the functions of the Tablets mimic the features of the smart phones which mean that applications that can be downloaded in the smart phones can also be downloaded in tablets.

Though smart phones have touch screen, what makes the Tablets differ from the smart phones is its size. Tablets have wider screen size than smart phones which means that the user can enjoy web browsing, and playing with its apps more because of the wider display.


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