Snag Those Booming Careers in the Computer Science and IT Field

Snag Those Booming Careers in the Computer Science and IT Fields

After an uncomfortably close call, the economy is finally on the upswing. People are now wondering which jobs lend them selves to having the most promising futures, both financially and in terms of job security. IT and Computer Science careers are disciplines that are being continually developed and in demand.

What follows are some of the top tech jobs with what appears to be the brightest futures in the industry:

#1. Mobility and Wireless Technology

As the earth’s population increases, so does the need to improve any type of technology that has to do with communications. Mobility and wireless technology skills are in high demand at this time, with a bright outlook for the future. The growing population is always seeking ways to communicate faster, over increased distances, from anywhere and at any time.

#2. Security

Network and web security are hot issues among web-based businesses and Internet users alike. Data privacy, firewalls and security all require specific skills that are highly sought-after on today’s job market. It is predicted that the demand for these skill sets will continue to increase over the next decade.

#3. Web 2.0

Skills that include the ability to develop applications and to help businesses, individuals and organizations have a greater, more accessible presence on the Internet, are skills that can go far in the world of IT. There are currently jobs available in developing the newest generation of services that are based on the web, and there are expected to be more over the next five years.

#4. Virtualization

Companies are hiring Computer Science grads right out of college, to meet with the emerging demands of virtualization, or the consolidation of multiple operating systems and platforms on virtual servers. Skilled IT workers are needed to combine disaster recover initiatives with data centers to maximize the computing potential for businesses and organizations. Virtualization specialists should have no problem finding and keeping good jobs in the foreseeable future.

#5. Networking

Improving communications is the name of the game in big business today. Many businesses are placing more focus on upgrading their computer systems to help move communications up a notch, to reduce security risks and to enable the new wireless technologies to be fully utilized. People who possess networking skills are in the forefront of job candidates with great potential to land jobs related to everything from managing large-scale networking teams to wide area networking, supporting online transactions and network installations.

Being able to communicate one’s ideas clearly is one of the first things a Computer Science or IT specialist should learn to do. This will help land the job of one’s dreams. Developing impeccable English language and writing skills might appear to be secondary to learning programming or related Computer Science skills. In actuality, however, knowing how to speak and write English to the point of being able to relay computer-related information, is one of the key elements in landing and keeping a good job in the IT industry. As one progresses through college and Computer Science courses, it is advisable that he or she begins writing in a journal or weblog to hone those English writing skills and to develop clear communication methods.

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