How to Speed Up Wi-Fi Connection

speed up wifi

Speed Up WiFi

speed up wifi

It is indisputable that the wireless network technology made a big impact in our lives today.

In this fast paced and high-tech generation, most people prefer to do things comfortably. The innovation of  Wi-Fi  (Wireless Fidelity) technology has made people lives easier.

With Wi-Fi network connection available on your portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets, or Laptops, you can get connected to the Internet “On the Go”. It’s pretty obvious it has been a trend these days.

Wherever you go, Wifi are widely used by countless of people worldwide; however, what if one day you noticed that WiFi Internet speed isn’t as reliably fast as it should be? Or, you few of your computers or laptops at home lost the WiFi connection?

These situations can be very frustrating especially when you are in the middle of working on something on your wireless portable devices.

Learning  how to speed up WIFI connection would definitely be an advantage.

Below are several smart tips on you can boost and speed up WiFi connection

Tip # 1 Position your wireless router or gateway to the center location

Regardless of how powerful or what brand your wireless router is, its signal strength has limitation. The walls in your house or large objects may cause interference resulting to experiencing weak wi-fi  signals or sluggish Internet speed. It best to set up your router in the central part of your house or office to make sure you get better signals.

Tip # 2 Consider changing your Router’s antenna

Most routers sold have small antennas which were intended to be Omni –directional. This means that the wireless signals from the router are broadcasted around it. Its radio signals are equally transmitted; therefore, if a wired desktop pc and laptop is on one room of the house, you only get the radius length of signals.  

To get better WiFi speed, you can replace its antenna to a better or high-gain antenna direct signals to your desired place. There are a few great high-gain antennas available on the stores. You might want to consider a Linksys brand.

Tip # 3 Get a Wireless Repeater or booster

The secure and stress-free way to boost wi-fi signal is to consider getting a wireless repeater. It does not need connecting any wires and easy to install. Wireless repeaters basically boost your wi-fi signal by relaying or repeating the router’s signal.

Tip # 4 Update your router’s firmware or network drivers

Updating your computer’s network drivers and making sure that your router’s firmware is current will certainly improve the performance of your networking device, such as the router. Latest firmware updates for routers are often found on the router manufacturer’s website. Same goes with your network drivers on your desktop or laptop. Oftentimes, hardware manufacturers make certain changes to their products for better performance. These updates are usually free.

Tip # 5 Adjust the Channels of your router

Wireless routers are capable of broadcasting several diverse channels, comparable to the method radio stations use. Therefore, its signals are not stable which can erratic or intermittent wireless connection. You can try to change your wireless router’s channel to a better one. It can be changed through the configuration page of the router. Accessing the configuration page depends on the router brand. If you are not sure, you can search it online or better on the router’s website.

The basic steps mentioned above should help you speed up WIFI.

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