Things To Do Before You Start Making Money Blogging

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blogging for moneyThings To Do Before You Start Making Money Blogging

Lots of stories of the people, who make millions simply writing their blogs, sound inspiring. And I bet everyone who started their own blog, even for writing about something they love, have been thinking about making money from it. There are long debates about possibility or impossibility to earn money blogging. But what can is known for sure, that the amount of money that comes into your pocket through the blog depends directly on the number of readers you have. So, all these talking about monetization when you have three blog posts and tens of readers, don’t make any sense.

It can take months to make your blog more popular and bringing you real money. What is more, you should do something before trying to make a blog the source of earning your living.

Here’s what you must to do:

1. Write for your passion, not for money. If you force yourself to write on the certain topic just because you find it popular and promising – you lose the main thing. You lose the passion; you don’t have the interest to writing about something that is not yours cup of tea. And the readers feel it.

2. It’s not all about the good content, but without the good content nothing else matters. Whatever is said, no matter how you promote your blog, if it contains poorly written, dull articles, nobody will read it. Make your posts short, bringing value to the readers and sparkling. If you are afraid of making mistakes – proofread it or find an editor. If you feel you have nothing to do with this topic – find a person who will write it for you! Everything is simple; the content MUST shine and kick ass, and no matter how you get it.

3. SEO course for dummies is must-have thing for every blogging beginner. Getting your page optimized is the neat thing to get your blog indexed by search engines and found by readers. There are several main points about it:

a. Use Google keywords for finding the most popular requests and add these words into your content
b. Create short and catchy headlines
c. Get the domain that wasn’t involved in black hat SEO tactics – it can spoil your current reputation.

4. Learn the basis of social media promotion. Some still don’t take it serious, but the fact is you DO need to promote all your posts in social networks. It’s proven way to get more traffic and visitors.

5. Treat it like a job. If you’re going to earn money on it, be as serious about blogging as you can. Post regular, no matter if you have the writing inspiration or not. Answer to all comments and email queries, even if you’re tired and don’t feel like doing it. Do your best to turn the occasional visitors into the constant readers.

This advice is something that makes a growing blog. When you get the blog read and commented on more and more, when you work at it for several months, have your comparatively big audience – here it’s time to monetize your blog, add banners, publish paid reviews or do whatever you wish to make money.

Finally, the last thing to consider – let all these ads to be in the spirit of your blog. If you publish recipes and are willing to advertise everything you’re offered, include digital cameras, underwear and cars repairing service, the readers won’t understand you. Stick to the niche you’ve chosen and to the people who read you.