The Best Android Mobile Applications of 2012

android apps of 2012

android apps of 2012The Best Android Mobile Applications of 2012

The droid debate can gain a momentum if you just nabbed your new tablet or a Smartphone recently. The fantastic app store is now easily available across major mobile platforms to grab the best for your android collection. So are you wondering what all to download? Get started with the collection of best productivity tools, routine utilities, reference applications, media helpers and games for a reviving Smartphone experience 2012.

Pick your collection now as here’s the open source of Android apps you shall download immediately. Help yourself find the best available applications crowded in App markets is as mention:

Pulse News

The app offers a cool and visually pleasing way to keep you abreast with current affairs and other prominent web content on and offline. Feed your knowledge assembled with colorful and interactive mosaic home screen. The app hosts brilliance for its readers through instapaper, ever note and Google reader. If you are interested in elegant news reader application for your Android device, pulse news can be the perfect app to download for free. Pulse redefines the reading experience and helps you read contents from traditional sources, blogs and social networks combined in one splendid looking interface.


A brilliant location sharing application, which enables user to get familiar with static locations or on roads through e-mails, SMS, Facebook or Twitter. It can be a really useful app for both work and journey as it can address privacy concern with timing options. Glympse is just one coolest thing you can ever get for your Smartphone or tablet with running Android 1.5 or newer.



Air Sync by Double Twist

Commonly used in combination with free double twist desktop app, air sync is a revolution in smart phone. Sync your iTunes, music, videos and photos from pc to phone over Wi-Fi network connection. It shall cost you around $4.99.

 Camera Zoom FX

This is an exclusive camera app for Android users on the same platform. One can very well check the cool filters, frames and vignettes as these are among few features you can really love in this app. The camera zoom FX feature have further other features such as tilt shift, distortions and composites. It can nearly cost you around $4.99 with perfect image stability and timer functions.

Beautiful Widgets

This app can really personalize your phone and can provide tons of optimizing options for your phone. One can take the advantage of various skins, wallpapers and themes as there are various phone clock, date display, toggle widgets and weather report to take advantage of and may cost you around $2.89.



One can easily combine various content from different websites, blogs, social networks to create a successful story altogether. So change the way you access online content that can stir digital publishing sector.

Take a proper look at Android applications and download the best you can as I can just debate on the topic endlessly. Consider the best application for your Android Smartphone today and experience the all new features like never before.

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