Things You Must Know About Your Mobile Broadband Internet

mobile broadband internetThings You Must Know About Your Mobile Broadband Internet

Southeast Asia registers a total of 155 million Internet users, from a total population of 630 million people. With its rapid rate of digital adoption, there’s no denying that the region is emerging to be an exciting market for tech, media, and telecom companies.

The easy availability of broadband Internet connection in Southeast Asian countries is the primary reason for its fast-growing digital population. More and more people are getting access to fast connection to the Internet, and even governments like that of Malaysia are instrumental in making this happen.

Broadband plans are quite easy to avail in most countries in Southeast Asia. For a more affordable option, the introduction of mobile broadband deals and prepaid mobile broadband options are a definite hit to those who are looking to save on their Internet connection.

What are the benefits of mobile broadband deals?

Broadband revolutionises online activities whether it’s for the purpose of business, entertainment, personal use, or even public services. Due to its convenience and accessibility, unlimited mobile broadband is widely sought by a lot of people who need continuous net accessibility. Many network providers make bundle offers that consumers may enjoy.


But do you know everything you need to know about your mobile broadband Internet? Here are some things that your network provider might not be disclosing freely:

There’s a broadband type that suits you.

You’ll be surprised to know that there’s an array of broadband types in the market. Nowadays, all you can see from commercials are wireless and cable-type broadband. Finding the right mobile broadband deals for your needs helps you save costs and maximise your Internet use.

If you’re the type of person who works at home most of the time and needs a stable connection, then a DSL connection is what you need. This type of broadband has a fixed rate with unlimited features.

If you’re a person on-the-go type. A wireless internet broadband might be the thing you need. It’s ideal for bringing anywhere, whether you’re at the car, in the school, at the office, or wherever—you may carry that wireless Wi-Fi device.


Here are some more of the differences:


Home broadband:

  • Installed in your home for the use of one or more computers.
  • Cabled connection through your phone line (ADSL or Wi-Fi router) or cable TV service/ satellite, ADSL (using wires), or Wi-Fi router (no wires).
  • Requires you to sign up for a fixed contract of anywhere between 1 month to 24 months


Mobile Broadband:

  • Uses 3G mobile phone networks to gain access to the internet
  • Easy to set up via USB stick (or what usually called as ‘dongle’) or wireless pocket Wi-Fi
  • Ideal for people who use the Internet on the go
  • Not tied down to a long-term contract
  • Comes with mobile bundles and incentives

“Unlimited” broadband plans aren’t really unlimited.

Unlimited mobile broadband are promotional features offered by network providers. This may either come in a prepaid mobile broadband or mobile broadband Internet post-paid plans. Some mobile plans charge extra when you use up all the data services.

Providers usually require you to enrol with their unlimited mobile broadband promo to avail of the service within a specified period of time. If you aren’t enrolled to the promo service, your network provider may give you additional charges per minute or per MB (megabyte) of Internet usage.

The fixed rate only provides a limited use of the Internet, which is capped or can be used in a limited time only. This is done by network providers to promote fair use to the clients.

The things that are mentioned about mobile broadband internet can be your basis for finding the best broadband connection. Save money and find the right provider for your needs by keeping these suggestions in mind. Happy surfing!



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