Tips and Tricks for Surviving Windows 8

windows 8 tips and tricks

windows 8 tips and tricksTips and Tricks for Surviving Windows  8

You hear a whole lot of hype about Windows 8. People rave about how great it is and how Microsoft’s innovative touch devices can be easily integrated with this operating system. You want to jump into the action, thus you get your hands on a Windows 8 PC. When you do, you are in for a rude awakening because you do not expect what you see. Before you get discouraged and think of taking your computer back to the store, take note of the below tips and tricks that will help you survive Windows 8 and have an enjoyable user experience.

Shutting Down the Computer and Accessing Other Related Options

In previous versions of Windows, there were always options that could easily be accessed from the start menu to shut down or restart the computer as well as put it to sleep. In Windows 8, however, these options are not found in any menu at all. They must be accessed via other means. There are three different keyboard shortcuts that you can use to access these options.

These are:
• Press alt+F4 from your desktop.
• Press alt+control+delete.
• Press the power button on your computer.
No matter which method you choose, you will be presented with these familiar choices, and then you can continue the process as usual.

Finding Your Programs

Because Windows 8 does not have a start menu, you will have to use different techniques to find the programs you want. One way you can find your programs is by pressing the Windows key and then typing in the program name. For instance, let’s say that you want to find Windows Media Player. You press the Windows key, type, “Windows Media Player” and then the application will pop up in the list. Another way you can find programs is by pressing the Windows key and then pressing the first letter of the program name. This will bring up most programs that start with the letter in which you type; however, this method is not always full proof because it tends to bring up programs that do not start with the letter you type. If you do not want to go through these processes every single time you want to find a program, then you can press the applications key over the program name and then select the option that says, “Pin to start.”

Getting Back Your Start Menu

If the new setup of Windows 8 is just too much for you to bear, you can get your start menu back. There are two reputable programs that will allow you to achieve this with little effort. A free option is Classic Shell. Classic Shell is easy to install and configure, and it will allow you to have the all-familiar start menu in only a few minutes time. Start8 is another option that is widely preferred, and it is also easy to install and set up. The difference is that this program costs approximately $5. No matter which of these programs you choose, you will have the start menu you always knew.

Implementing these three Windows 8 survival tips and tricks will allow you to use your new computer like an expert. No longer will you feel so intimidated and want to take your computer back to the store. As a matter of fact, you will join the bandwagon of those who rave about the greatness of this spectacular operating system.


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