Top 5 Antivirus App for Android Smartphone

Android Phone Security app

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Top 5 Antivirus App for Android Smartphone

Here are five of the world’s best security apps that are available to the public. They have been listed in order of best to worst, but any of the Antivirus apps are very good. They are ranked best to worst within what is actually a very good bunch. Their ranking is based on their functionality and cost, as oppose to their popularity and download rate. You will be adequately protected no matter which one you choose.


1 – LookOut Mobile Security

 This Antivirus software is there to protect your phone against malicious malfunctions. There are two versions. There is a free version and a premium version available via subscription. The app uses very few of your phone’s resources, meaning it is unlikely to crash your phone or freeze your phone when you are using other applications. LookOut Mobile Security should have little bearing on the autonomy of your phone or tablet. The localization features are practical for daily use, meaning there is no need to call your lost phone in order to find it.

LookOut Mobile Security Antivirus for Android is an app with Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Anti malware functions. You can scan all the items that you download. You can run a phone scan for viruses, backup your phone, restore phone data and remote backup. You can locate your phone remotely and it will give you an audit report for all the permissions for applications. You can see a backup call log and will backup your photos. You can reset and delete phone data remotely. You may also remote phone lock. LookOut Mobile Security appears to be one of the most complete Antivirus programs for Android phones. LookOut Mobile Security uses very little computer resources so as not to diminish the autonomy of your phone on Android. LookOut is also available for WP7 and Blackberry.

2 – AVAST Mobile Security

 Avast offers free comprehensive protection for all Android Smartphones. Among its interesting features, it has real-time Antivirus protection and a Web Shield firewall. It allows the filtering of calls and SMS. There is anti-theft protection that enables locking and remote location, and allows you to erase the phone remotely. There is an application manager and it forces applications to ask for your permission. It have very few flaws at all. Even the battery consumption is negligible. It is not intrusive and configurable.


3 – BitDefender Mobile Security


BitDefender Mobile Security is a free Antivirus for Smartphones and Android tablets. It is a pretty comprehensive app considering the fact that it is free. It can scan applications when installing new apps and you can scan the phone on demand. It can show you an audit of permissions of installed applications and has an associated event handler. It uses very little of your CPU and battery. This means it will not count towards draining your battery in any severe way, and will not freeze or slow down your computer when you use other applications. It also has an automatic and routine update of the virus database


4 – AVG Antivirus for Android

AVG has collaborated with Security Droid to offer AVG Antivirus for Android. AVG Antivirus promises to be one of the most popular Android Market, although it only ranks fourth on this list. However, when it comes to ease of use, this app may well top the list. AVG Antivirus is more expensive than LookOut Security. It is able to scan your phone, and enables the detection and removal of viruses. It has an Auto Scan function that you can set to run routinely. It will provide you with an analysis of your downloaded applications. It runs a content analysis of Web pages and runs an analysis of SMS messages to detect potential threats. One of its greatest features is its analysis of SMS messages.


5 – NetQin Mobile Security


NetQin have a free Antivirus for Android Smartphones. Its many functions are accessible remotely. It allows you to remotely delete data and lock the phone. You may use the app to scan your phone, data backup and remotely lock your phone via SMS message. It has real-time protection against viruses and has a Geolocation phone function. You can have your phone delete data remotely in case of theft.


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