Turntable.fm – What is it?


Since the earliest days of social media websites, music has played an important role in the development of those sites. But no one has ever really gotten the relationship between a love for music and a desire to socialize online right. That is, until now.

Turntable.fm is a social media site that specializes in music. The site is straight forward and very easy to use. It is basically a collection of chat rooms, but each room also allows up to five people to serve as disc jockeys for the room.

Each deejay has a playlist and takes a turn playing a song from their list. Other members in the room can vote the song “awesome” or “lame”. Too many “lame” votes stops the current song and moves on to the next while “awesome” votes give the deejay points.

How Awesome Is Turntable.fm?

Other than having the disc jockeys playing tunes, the chat rooms work like most other chat rooms with a couple of enhancements. Each room has avatars of the deejays at the top spinning the music while others in the room are represented by avatars who watch them.

When something is said in the room, the speaker’s avatar displays it in a word bubble as well as displaying it in the chat window.

When you vote for a song as being awesome, your avatar bobs its head to the music. It may seem like a simple feature, but it is neat watching a room full of cartoon versions of your friends with their noggins going up and down.

Is Turntable.fm Legal?

Turntable.fm – Deejays have access to millions of songs, but if the song you want to play happens to not be available, you can upload the track. This may seem questionable at first, but turntable.fm has put limitations in place that makes it compliant with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.

For instance, you cannot play music in a room without another deejay present. And there is a limit on how many songs you can play by a single artist in any given hour.

However, these limitations actually improve the site and not hurting it as they enhance interactivity among deejays and increase the variety of music played. If you love music, especially turning friends on to new music, you will not be able to resist this fantastic site!

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