Is It Worth to Switch to a VoIP Business Phone System?

In the process of running a business, few business owners have the time or the wish to analyze whether they’re getting the best cost and quality for their business phone services. If it “ain’t broke,” they probably don’t want to fix it.

However, the cost gap between “old” technology and new technology, such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is wide and getting wider. Is it really worth  it to use a VoIP Business phone system to improve the business? 

The use of the Internet for making phone calls is making it so much cheaper that it encourages business owners to take the time to update their phones and phone providers.

VoIP Benefits

A VoIP phone system is just one example of the advanced business phone systems on the market today. Once you purchase a VoIP phone system, you immediately gain all the features and benefits the system can offer for your business.

Certain communication benefits include voice mail, call forwarding, conference calling, Internet faxing, and virtual PBX for menu-based call routing. These features will make it easier for your employees to reach their clients, and for your customers to reach your business.

Other VoIP features can actually improve your employees’ work productivity.

These features include: simplified management, CRM applications, VPN accessibility, and other computer integration options. The advanced phone features matched with simple manageability make it a big trend in the telecom industry.

VoIP Costs

VoIP rates range depending on the features you want, existing phone structure, and your data network. The standard package of a 16-phone VoIP solution with the typical features can cost $8,000 to be installed.

However, a 64-phone installation with voice mail, dedicated server and more features can cost up to $35,000 to be installed. It all depends on your location, connectivity and vendor.

VoIP Facts

The costs and plans are not yet standardized from provider to provider. However, VoIP rate studies demonstrate a 10-line unlimited calling plan, through a traditional provider can come out to $536 per month.

Roughly the same plan through a VoIP provider was only $361 per month, with many more included features. In addition, you should also keep in mind how much you’ll be saving a month when you get rid of long distance phone calls.

VoIP Business Phone Systems are great because of their features; the features can improve work productivity in addition to business efficiency. Likewise, although VoIP might be costly upfront, it’s important to consider how much money you’ll save in the future, when your business expands and your clientage is larger and further away. VoIP may not be for you, but it’s important to decide that – before it’s too late.

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