6 Ways to Use Pocket Reader the Pro Way

Pocket Reader6 Ways to Use Pocket Reader the Pro Way

Pocket Reader is a popular smartphone application used for read-it-later service. It can be downloaded using an iOS, an Android, or a computer gadgets. It helps user save online content for later reading – yes, reading even without the Internet’s presence or offline reading.

While this tool is known for its simplicity and user-friendly features, there are some ways to level up your usage experience even more. Whether it’s about looking for ways to save online content directly to your account, or for sharing options compatible with what your contacts have, or to improve the process on how you can get the content using this tool.

Without further ado and in no specific order, here is an essay help to get more out of your Pocket experience.

Filter it by the type of content.

The filtering option offered by Pocket is one of its coolest features. It allows you to filter contents like articles, images, and videos. Once you use this system, it will be easier for you to turn your smartphone application into a video playlist or as a gallery viewer. But if your main use for Pocket is just for reading contents, you can just filter it to articles.

Name it or use tags.

As you get yourself addicted on using Pocket on a regular basis, you will unknowingly have huge collections of articles and other stuff in a short span of time. Good thing, it has a feature other than your ability to search of saved content – you can add a number of tags on each title or item. You can name it under various categories, source, or anything you prefer. Sorting and searching things will be much easier.

Let the Internet work for you through IFTTT.

This simply means that your Pocket has a feature that allows you to automate the saving process, a better way to maximize its use. This option makes it possible for contents of your favorite websites be sent to your Pocket in an automated way. With the use of IFTTT, incorporating interesting and relevant reads will be faster and more natural.

Send that interesting reading materials from your email to your Pocket.

One of the easiest way to get your content into your Pocket is by sending it via email. You can do this by emailing the links directly to this address: add@getpocket.com. But remember, you should only use the email associated to your Pocket account when using this option.

Read the items on your Pocket while offline.

One of the main highlight of this tool is its ability to be useful whenever and wherever you are. A tip, save the links into your Pocket and never forget to keep it open whenever you got a chance to connect to the Internet so it will just download itself for offline reading.

Activate your Pocket’s RSS feed.

You can access your feeds by going to your list of unread, archived, and all items area. To use this Pocket feature, type your username under the following links: http://getpocket.com/users/USERNAME/feed/(read|unread|all). Example, “http://getpocket.com/users/nettiegray/feed/all”

Make sure that you password protection is turned off for these feeds. Go to your privacy options to make changes.


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