What Does Apple Have Planned For The Future?

What Does Apple Have Planned For The Future?

The release of Apple’s iPhone5 has been under a lot of speculation about what is going to be new about it. According to Korea’s IT news, iPhone5 has been completely redesigned and is to be launched in September 2012! The frame is expected to be made of “liquidmetal” which is a combination of various metal alloys, some of which are nickel, titanium, zirconium and copper. It is said that Apple acquired the license to use this design in August 2010.

As amazing as the hardware is, a number of new features like 3D videos and images, freshly designed keyboards and fourth generation (4G) speeds are planned for incorporation. A6 processor which is also going to be a part of the iPad3 helps achieving this. Other remarkable inclusions are 2G and 3G video chat, face recognition and blazing high download speeds with the use of 4G spectrum.
High capacity graphic chips are used along with the support for dual core processors, using which high resolution images and videos can be delivered at great precision and speeds. The phone is also supposed to have a 4 inch screen that covers all the corners, making it larger and equivalent to most of the android enabled phones. The processor speeds range from 1.5 to 2.0 GHz and the capacity of the RAM is 1 GB. Apparently, iPhone5 would support all features of iPhone4, iCloud and the new software iOS6. Several patent applications were filed by Apple recently regarding capturing, rendering and processing of 3D images using iPhone5. The phone will also be able to capture pictures in panorama.

iPhone 5

These advancements would definitely place a challenge to competitors like Samsung and Google. With the use of iOS6, Apple has also planned to come up with its own 3D mapping service that would compete with 3D Google earth maps.

There is a lot of talk about Apple’s upcoming 15-inch MacBook as well. According to 9to5Mac, the MacBook is redesigned using Nvidia Graphics. If there is any production issue with Nvidia, there are possibilities that Apple might stick to the currently used ATI chips. Settling for something like low-end Intel Ivy Bridge GPU that draws enormous power, is unlikely for a high-performance MacBook.

Apple’s future products and prospects are looking great as people always have high hopes and expectations from every product that the company releases.

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