Why Didn’t Google Nexus 7 Come Up With A Rear Camera?

Google Nexus 7

If you just bought a new Google Nexus 7 and started panicking when you saw that there’s no camera in the rear, and thought you bought a defective piece, relax. That is just the way it has been designed.

In comparison to the Kindle Fire from Amazon, (both tablets are comparable in size, OS and features) the Google Nexus 7 is certainly a much better buy. It has far more helpful features, but like the Kindle Fire, it too lacks a rear camera. Therefore you will see that there is no camera app in the app drawer. You can go to the Google Play Store and get the ‘Camera Launcher for Nexus 7’ installed. The front camera is just 1.2 MP, so while it’s ok for video chat, you can’t rely on it to capture your most memorable moments.

Asus spokespersons claimed this was done to keep the price low and the quality consistent. They figure that to include a rear camera in the Nexus 7 would have sky-rocketed the price, or they would have had to compromise on the camera quality to stay with the same price. In other words, they have done a remarkable job of quelling consumer complaints over either increased price or inferior quality.  So in the end it all came down to the pricing factor. Their take was that just because it was possible to hastily stuff a cheap optics device at the back of the tablet to keep the price down, it was not necessary.

Google achieved their mission of producing a powerful, high quality and affordable tablet that could be marketed widely.


The Nexus 7 has many features that make it an attractive purchase.

  • A nifty size of 7-inches
  • The perforated rubber back makes it easy to hold
  • Light and sturdy at the same time
  • Android File management system is awesome
  • Google Now, the search assistant, is amazing. Never miss out on your appointments now.
  • Great battery Life
  • NVIDIA Tegra3 Quad core Processor
  • Great Multimedia experience with Google Play
  • Great device for gaming

So the Nexus 7 not having a rear camera is not really a major problem.

All in all, it’s one of the best tablets in the market, not just the Android tablet market.  And you can be sure that since it is a Nexus device, it will receive all Android updates before any other tablet.


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