Windows 7 More Secure than Windows XP

A recent report directly from Microsoft reveals that their latest operating system Windows 7 is five times more secure than Windows XP.

For those who are familiar with Microsoft’s operating systems, it has been known and promoted that Windows XP has always been a secure system. It is way better than its successor, Windows Vista.  Microsoft claims that Windows 7 on 64 bit version is their most secure operating system. This more secure and virus-free experience is due to the “Kernel Patch Protection” system placed on it. Based on a threat report released, malware infection rate on Windows 7 has risen by more than 30 percent in the second half of last year, 2010. They revealed that the 32 bit edition of Windows 7’s average infection rate was 4 PCs per 1,000 while the 64 bit edition was only at 2.5 PCs per 1,000 during year 2010. Their annual Security Intelligence Report, infection rates for Windows 7 is lower than a fully patched Windows XP SP3.

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