Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7

Though platform giants, Android and Apple, dominate the smartphone market at the moment, Microsoft’s Window 7 phone is not to be ignored. With nearly 50,000 apps available and comparable hardware to the other phones out there, what is making this phone lag behind in sales? We can probably chock it up to advertising and sales and not because it lack in the performance and function areas—it is a Microsoft phone after all.

Windows 7 Phone Features

A few of the key features of the Windows 7 phone operating system are very unique and highly useful like access to Office docs. These days who doesn’t use Office docs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Notes)? And, how many times have you wished you could access and alter them from your phone? Are you a gamer? Guess what, Xbox Live s on the Windows 7 platform too. Lose your phone? Free phone locator available.

Interface is intuitive and user friendly including the voice action aspect. Built in music identification and barcode scanning features are also standard. Chances are you won’t have to change service providers either to jump on the bandwagon, Windows Phone 7 is available through AT&T, Sprint, T Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.

There are actually very few disadvantages to the Windows platform; the fewer numbers of apps is balanced by the quality of existing apps and updates and several different kinds of phones support the Microsoft OS (including Nokia and HTC). There is a good chance that over the next five years Windows 7 catches up with the other guys and takes over at least 20% of the market share. It isn’t an issue of lagging technology or service, so it looks like it will just take a little time to carve out space for the new kid on the block.

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