WordPress for Android

WordPress for Android

Who doesn’t like portability and being “on the go” these days? I think almost everybody including myself.

While browsing through some good apps on my Android phone, I came across WordPress for Android. This app really interests me because I’ve just been back active blogging and writing through WordPress.

So, I just downloaded WordPress for Android and it is very cool! It lets me posts entries for my blog site wherever I am – that includes the comfort of my bed 🙂

Here are some things you can do on your WordPress for Android:

– View, Edit, and Delete Comments
– View, Edit and Add Blog Entries
– Check Stats and more!

In conclusion, I would recommend this app if you are a WordPress blogger. Try it and experience blogging on mobile!

You can download it directly from your Android Market or you may scan its bar code from the following link: http://android.wordpress.org/download【お取寄せ品】 リコー PJ WX4152N WXGA 3500ルーメン 512956 1台
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