Xbox LIVE Friends

One of the most popular features of Xbox LIVE is finding friends for an online game. Most people enjoy playing with their XBOX LIVE friends wherever they are.

As you build your list of Xbox LIVE Friends by sending and accepting Friend requests, you’ll see the same list regardless of the game that you play.

Friends List

A Friends List is your personal collection of friends and family that you can stay connected with on your Xbox 360 console.

You can share many experiences with your Friends such as gaming, chatting, and watching movies. You can also start a Xbox LIVE party where you can hang out and chat or start a game and invite your party to it.

Remember, the list of activities that are associated with Xbox LIVE continues to grow.

With a Friends List, you enter a whole new world of Xbox LIVE where your console becomes a communications link and a gaming system.

You can check your Friends’ profile information, including motto, name, location, and bio from your Friends List.

The Friends list provides a powerful way for you to meet and interact with real-life and online Friends in the Xbox LIVE environment.

Xbox also provides a rich set of parental controls that parents can use to help limit the actions that children can take while they are playing.

When you add a Friend, your Friend’s avatar appears on your Friends Channel.

View Friends on

You can sign in to and visit My Xbox page to view your Friends List.

Moreover, you can also discover who are online and what they are currently playing. Also, you can see whether you have any pending game invites or Friend requests.

If you see that your buddies are playing or that you have game invites, you can move to your console and start gaming with your  Xbox LIVE Friends.

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