Xbox LIVE – What are its components?

Xbox LIVE is an Internet-based service that provides many services and functions.

The following features and range of activities that you can enjoy with Xbox LIVE:

•    Create avatars.
•    Share photos.
•    Stream music.
•    Access social networking sites.
•    Game online with players in the same room or from around the world.
•    Watch movies or TV shows.
•    Browse marketplaces and make digital purchases.
•    Download new games and add-ons.
•    Host parties.
•    Audio and video chat with friends.

Xbox 360 together with Xbox LIVE truly is a home entertainment and game system that is second to none. Xbox is enjoyed by users all over the world. The many features that are offered by Xbox and Xbox LIVE make it a popular entertainment package that is enjoyed by different people from many cultures and languages.

Xbox LIVE is available in many countries and languages all over the world.

The following are the map of countries (in red) where XBOX Live is available:







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